The right thing!

Here are some mistakes to avoid and some nudges!

- It takes time to digest before going to bed. It is strongly recommended to have largely began his digestion at bedtime.
But you should know that it takes between 2 and 5 hours depending on the food ingested. Avoid fatty meat in the evening, because its digestion is two to three times longer than spaghetti for example.
Better to an early dinner.

- Attention to menus "-yogurt salad." Salad and dairy to 0%, that is what we tend to do to watch their ... However, this type of menu combines the bad points.
yoghurt provide lactose and milk proteins, which promote insulin production, so the storage of nutrients. It lacks proteins that promote satiety and fight against water retention therefore cellulite. The result is inflated!

- Walking after meals helps you burn about 20% of calories consumed during the meal.
- Long live the time go under the duvet! (Minimum 8 hours)
For less you sleep, the less secretes leptin, the hormone that helps to feel satiety. So the hormone that stimulates the appetite is not the rendezvous! So fast to sleep!
- The cuddling with her partner would be beneficial for the line!
- Essential: The flat shoes!

But do not forget to take time to eat and chew!

Special detox!

Here are some tips to be in great shape!

- Chew Goji seed, they are full of vitamin C and beta-carotene good for the immune system. In addition they help to regulate blood sugar and detoxify the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs. Slide them in a soup or salad.

- The pine nuts, appetite suppressant!
Small amount they do not grow, they promote the secretion of a hormone appetite suppressant.

- Always in the fridge a black radish, carrots and cauliflower! peckish to fill? Attacking raw vegetable sticks!

- A slimming green tea cappuccino! To adopt instead of cappuccino. Mix 1cuil tablespoon matcha green tea powder in a cup of hot water. A super thin and super antioxidant drink that perfectly replaces a dessert.

- No food at the table! We eat 20% fewer calories if not bring the dishes on the table.

- Fat-Burning Dinner! The winning equation of green vegetables raw or cooked will, oily fish (salmon, sardines, herring ...) or seafood (without bread or butter) and no dessert.
Omega-3 fish promotes the production of leptin, the hormone that triggers satiety. And thanks to its high digestibility that dinner prevents fat storage.

To know the caloric equivalence

Here equivalency product generally consumed.
You can not reduce fat in taste!

At breakfast:

- Lightweight Jam (30g) = 55cal
- Tea (or coffee) = 0cal
- Baguette (bread) (50g) = 126cal

- Spread (30g) = 159cal
- Hot Chocolate = 193cal
- Bread (30g) = 85cal
- Brioche slice (35g) = 122cal

At the cocktail:
yes it:
- Appetizer Pretzels (30g) = 117cal
- Green olives (30g) = 35cal

it least:
- Biscuits classic appetizer (30g) = 209cal
- Black olives (30g) = 88cal


without moderation
- Water = 0cal
- Tomato juice (25cl) = 57.5 cal
- Cider (15cl) = 50cal
- Unsweetened iced tea house = Ocal

Attention to the quantities
- Brut Champagne (125ml) = 94cal
- Red Wine (15cl) = 133cal
- Soda (33cl) = 148cal
- Orange juice (25cl) = 110cal
- Beer (25cl) = 95cal

- Coca Whisky (20cl) = 250cal
- Kir (15cl) = 215cal
- Sweet White Wine (15cl) = 225cal
- Beer Tequila (50cl) = 282cal
- Pina Colada (15cl) = 211cal

yes here:
- Ketchup (1cuil. soup) = 26cal
- Barbecue Sauce (1cuil. soup) = 31cal

- Bearnaise Sauce (1cuil. soup) = 155cal
- Tartar Sauce (1cuil. soup) = 141cal

less fat:
- Chicken breast without skin (125g) = 138cal
- Filet Mignon (150g) = 156cal
- Jarret

The more fat
- Steak (175g) = 336cal
- Minced beef (100g) = 207cal
- loin
(Hint: Remove visible fat in the eye enough to not divide both the fat content of the meat)